The elf & fairy of sunlight

/Equipment: * Camera: Sony Cyber-shot™ HX99/



Black Right Arrow


/Equipment: * Camera: Sony Cyber-shot™ HX99/

Street Fashion


/Equipment: * Camera: Sony Cyber-shot™ HX99/


/Equipment: * Camera: Huawei P40 Pro 5G & Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G/


My Angel

/Equipment: * Camera: Canon EOS 4000D/

Power of Love

/Equipment: * Camera: iPhone 13 & Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G/

Sea of Golden

/Equipment: * Camera: Sony Cyber-shot™ HX99/


Lamp of Lucifer

/Equipment: * Camera: Sony Cyber-shot™ HX99/

Haze of Golden

/Equipment: * Camera: Sony Cyber-shot™ HX99/

Game of sunrays - Zalacsany fishpondn

/Equipment: * Camera: Sony Cyber-shot™ HX99/

Who We Are

Motto: Imagine what you want, then take a photo and dare to edit creatively.

Hello... I am Sándor Zoltán Gál (XiongYaLi), hobby photographer and book author. I live in Hungary, next to Lake Balaton, on the northern coast of the Hungarian Sea. I have a wonderful wife, two children and five black cats.

Throughout my life I have tried many different jobs for myself... I am currently working as a nursing assistant in healthcare.

At a very young age he became interested and fascinated by photography. I tried to improve myself so I could be even better. Better and better. To continually evolve... I have many years of experience in photography too (although hobby photographer levels), even though I don't have a formal diploma in photography.

Individual - peculiar Technology:

DRI-DE-L (Digital Re-Imaging - Double Exposure - Layers)

/Digital re-imaging off photos with double exposure (or and layers)/.



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